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  Modular Quik Build Systems™

Minaean’s new modular building system product is supported and supervised by one of the world’s leading engineering consultants SKM (Sinclair Knight Merz) of Australia. The system uses generic steel framing methods – a construction process that was already pioneered by Minaean during the last four years in India.

The Modular Quik-Build™ System is a unique construction system based on a combination of novel modular load bearing roll formed Light Gauge Steel (LGS) studs and other components. The Modular system can be adapted from single story family residential buildings to multi-family mass housing residential buildings up to four stories in height, as well as commercial and industrial buildings.

The Modular Quik-Build™ System load bearing and non-bearing LGS stud framing uses standardized components developed by Minaean. The benefit of the Modular™ System is to enable fast and economical construction on a range of building types. Pre-engineering ensures consistent quality and ease of assembly.

In case of time constraints in projects anywhere, Minaean Habitat has a facility to cater to these projects more efficiently and cost effectively by communicating directly with our clients to meet their exact project requirements and control delivery dates as well as timely completion of construction at sites.

The Modular Quik-Build™ System is attractive, cozy and cost effective solution even for permanent shelter needs. You have a choice of designs made for exports, suitable for logistics, fully modular, knockdown designs, panelized, or combinations, which are easily transported and reassembled at site.

Modular Products are:

Modular offices:
Sales or Site offices, schools, health centers, army barracks and field buildings, vacation homes and resort housing, kiosks, storages, lavatories, laundries etc.

Work force housing/ Camps:
Dormitories, kitchens/ Dinings, recreation facilities, drill camps, washcars etc.

Toilets at Various public places like bus depots, petrol pumps, outside Theatres etc.

Custom Designed Products:
You tell us what you need and we will work for your design and specifications suitable to your geographic locations.

Minaean Habitat not only builds transportable shelters but also make sure that they are received by you in budget. We guarantee that you receive it in prime condition and on time with effective transport system in cities or in remote places economically.

We can test the soil conditions, clear the site and compact the area. With clear foundations as per design, the modular structure is ready to install with minimal alignment required within few minutes. Final finishing and touch up may require 1-2 days.

To meet your parts needs fast, Minaean Habitat has fully equipped service centers with adequate inventories of new and used parts.

After Sales Service:
We pride ourselves on excellence and making a special effort to do more for you.

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